Lexic Vivactis Group | Do you want your projects to succeed?
¡El grupo Lexic Vivactis te presenta la solución! Tenemos para ti lo más nuevo y exclusivo para tus acciones de , tres nuevos productos que acabamos de impulsar y que se suman a nuestra lista de The Digital Companion
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Lexic Vivactis Group has the solution!

We have something new and exclusive for you in 2019 – three new products we have just launched and added to our list of blockbusters:

  • The Digital Companion: The new app created specifically to:
    • Offer something new to your VIPs.
    • Spread valuable news.
    • Enable remote attendees to feel present at a congress.

  • The Virtual Congress: an exclusive product from the Vivactis group and an innovation in Spain.​
    • 100% virtual congresses that combine perfectly with face-to-face attendance.
    • Promote training 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Dare to take the step towards digitization!

  • Novel ideas to energize your face-to-face events: Why not change dynamics?
    • A game with an iPad?
    • Connection by means of streaming with international opinion leaders?
    • A visual brainstorming session?







With us you get this and much more.
Contact us for more information!