Lexic Vivactis Group | MS Spasticity
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MS Spasticity Masterclasses


Free online and personalized Continuous Medical Education (CME) course with the latest news on multiple sclerosis and spasticity presented by European experts by means of videos and slides.

Lexic, as a supplier of CME,is in charge of the management and scientific coordination of the authors of the project,of applications for accreditation and endorsements,and for the creation of the different materials and contents offline and online.

The objective of the project is to present the latest advances in spasticity in multiple sclerosis to specialists dealing with this disease,so that their patients receive the highest quality care and treatment.

Material is prepared following a systematic process to identify the first educational need:to report that an improved therapeutic option has been found to treat spasticity in patients with multiple sclerosis,by means of a comparative analysis of all medical options;and determine the best way to achieve the desired results according yo each patient.

Training target: neurologists from all over Europe specialized in multiple sclerosis and spasticity. Currently,specialist from Spain,France,Italy,Belgium,Germany and Romania have already registered.