Lexic Vivactis Group | Lexic presenta su nueva imagen
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¡Launching our new image!

Launching OUR NEW IMAGE!


LEXIC VIVACTIS has launched a new image, based on its renewed and update identity, and in accordance with its recent evolution. With this rebranding we aim to transmit a sense of our history and growth.

After more than 15 years offering global training solutions in the health sector, we present our new corporate identity. A clean, contemporary, and dynamic image representing all of our values: leadership, proximity, modernity and a high sense of customer service. Our commitment and experience have been acquired through partnerships with more than 30 pharmaceutical laboratories including Novartis, Almirall, Celgene, Gilead, Sanofi Genzyme, Novo Nordisk, and Astellas, among others.

Our customized and targeted treatment is reflected in a new brand image full of life, based on our renewed and updated identity, with a simple black and green background. The geometric design continues to be the same as that of our previous logo, but the font used in the new motto -Healthy Solutions- is fresh and different. And, above all, it shows that innovation is not incompatible with tradition.






LEXIC VIVACTIS is changing its image and strengthening its personality, finding a positive health element in fruit. We bring fresh and customized ideas to the sector because, after all, everyone likes a different kind of fruit; and we give your projects that injection of vitamins they need at any time”, explained LEXIC VIVACTIS chief executive Daniela Clape.

An accredited continuing medical training specialist, she said, “In partnership with medical societies, we will continue to offer the strategic consulting and marketing services our clients demand, contributing to improving the health and wellbeing of society. This is the main goal of LEXIC VIVACTIS”.

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